About Our Temple

Seed of Light
Unity Temple  History

The Seed of Light Unity Temple was formed to cultivate the Higher Mind of humanity through education, spiritual practice and honoring The One True and Living God.

Our core belief is that there is but ONE Source and that many expressions or manifestations of this Source are present not only in humans, but all throughout nature as well.

We believe that as many great Ascended Masters taught, that the kingdom of God is within us all.


And in biblical words, "If thine eye be single, thy body will be full of light", it illustrates the practice of meditation to bring one closer to the knowledge of self. 

We assist our community in realigning with the oneness of self which brings us closer to the God within us and within all living things. 

Walking the Journey

Our mission is to help elevate the consciousness of our community through spiritual education, healing and ritual practices. 

We teach from a Unity Perspective, embracing and combining both modern and traditional teachings from around the world, as well as esoteric teachings, while emphasizing that there is but ONE SOURCE and one Divine Mind.


We have been helping people worldwide for over two decades to realign with the Christ Minded Consciousness within themselves. 


Our spiritual community has been the biggest part of our success and we are grateful to be doing such amazing work with such beautiful people across the globe. 

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