Spiritual Tea Ceremonies

The magic and healing powers of tea have been with us since the start of time. An art form, a healing option, a spiritual practice and an intimate way to bond with your loved ones, tea is one of the many wonderful gifts from Mother Nature. 

Let’s mindfully taste and sip our tea and enjoy the purity of water infused with the power of Mother Earth to cleanse our energy, refresh our bodies and begin the transformation to become more  in tune with not just our higher selves, but with the world around us.


The wonders of tea will help you synchronize your chakras, help you to become more mindful and present, and assist you in your spiritual development.  Tea also has an outstanding affect on the body.


I combine breathwork, sound therapy, personal readings, and shamanic journeying with the spirit medicine of tea to create spiritual ceremonies that will take you on a journey of self-REdiscovery and help you connect with your higher self and reconnect with the fragmented aspects of your soul.

The Tea

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The Sound


During a sound bath, you'll typically lie on your back while I play a variety of sounds with various musical instruments in order to create a relaxing, meditative experience that you will remember.

Your sound bath will have combined effects, achieved by using a mix of different instruments because each instrument gives off a different frequency or vibration. During your session you may hear:

  • Rain Stick

  • Crystal bowls 

  • Chimes 

  • Tuning forks 

  • Bells

  • Drums

  • Shakers

I may also talk during the session, similar to a guided meditation , and will guide you in breathwork as well. 

The benefits of sound baths include:

  • Deepening relaxation

  • Lowering stress and anxiety 

  • Improving mood and well-being

  • Improving sleep

  • Heightening focus and energy

  • A feeling of rejuvenation 


Although these are common benefits, different people react to sound baths in different ways.You may feel especially relaxed, or you might feel a boost of energy.

You don't need any special clothing for your session, but you should wear comfortable clothes. I encourage you to bring yoga mats, blankets, pillows, eye pillows, or other props that will make you comfortable. 

Tarot Card Deck

The Reading

A tarot or oracle card reading could provide useful advice on the problems you are experiencing in your relationship. It can help to replace the negative energy with a positive force nurturing a cordial relationship.


In addition to having a tarot reading, you will also get counseling on your relationship. Some people struggle with getting over relationships especially if it was a serious or long-term one. This is where getting an online tarot reading comes in.


I won't just offer the reading alone.  As an ordained minister and shamanic priestess, I also counsel, depending on the weight of the problem.


Lack of peace prevents you from reaching your achievements and becoming the best version of yourself. Having a reading may offer you clarity and peace regarding a specif issue you may be facing.   And, if you are having a hard time making a difficult decision,  a  reading can help you settle on the right choice.

The main things that come up as recurring themes with my readings are loved ones that have crossed over who bring information through spirit, and issues related to ones immediate health or well being.



The Journey

When it comes to the shamanic healing part of the session, I work with helper spirits, in the spiritual realm. This type of healing is so powerful that you may experience real, physical healing in the earth realm.


In order to contact these spirits ,I will have to go on a journey by entering a trance state. I will ask your helper spirits to invoke shamanic healing by pulling 'power' from your oversoul.

We may also retrieve your lost spirit guides and animal totems.

People who have been through a life-altering trauma, whether mental or physical, may have lost a part of their soul or damaged their 'spiritual force field'. This makes them vulnerable to illness, bad luck, and depression.


If this is you, you would most likely benefit from this shamanic healing session.


The Choices

You will see that we have a variety of Tea Ceremonies to choose from, all healing and beneficial in their own way.  Please see our booking page to browse our selections.

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