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Last Rites

Often times when a person is facing the end of their life cycle they may hold onto what they consider to be "unfinished business". 


These unresolved thoughts, feelings or emotions can cause energy blockages that promote fear and sadness.

People have questions and need answers about what to expect in the afterlife.  While no person can be certain what is beyond this realm, we have the ability to make the transition easier by offering comfort and support to those wishing to clear and release things that may prevent them from having a peaceful transition.

Naming Ceremony

A Naming Ceremony is usually  performed 7 days after the birth of a child.  This allows the family to learn the child over a period of a few days and wait for an inspired name based on the child's personality. 

We also perform adult naming ceremonies for those wishing to celebrate a name change of any kind.

Common reasons for changing a name might be a marriage, a legal name change or a spiritual name change.

House Blessing

We can do an in person house cleansing ceremony or do a virtual walk through via video call while we instruct you through the process.

House cleansing and blessings are appropriate for moving into a new home or apartment as well as when you feel a dense toxic energy in your home and just want to clear the space out.


If you are considering a lawful ceremony or a spiritually ritualized affair for your wedding, we are spiritually qualified and legally ordained to perform your nuptials.  The marriage ceremony package comes with 3 weeks of premarital classes for the couple as well as premarital individual mentoring sessions..

Energy Cleansing

Sometimes we experience unexplained fatigue, sadness or energy blockages that we can't seem to rid ourselves of.  As we go about our day to day living, we encounter many people and engage in several interactions throughout a day whereby we may not realize that we are participating in a low energy exchange.

As energy beings we have an ability to attract unwanted energies into our aura, causing these unexplained feelings of drain and often times, feelings of sadness and confusion.

A spiritual energy cleansing can help alleviate these issues.

Ritual for Healing

We have the gifts and skills to help  align your frequency with healing vibes that will facilitate rejuvenation of your cells and energy field and promote overall balanced health.

We are not healers the healing power comes from the one true Source.

But with the power of prayer, affirmations and energy work, you are sure to experience a higher vibration.

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