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The amazing thing about giving, donating or sowing seeds is that you do it because you want to, not because you have to or because you expect anything in return.  Honestly, I love the feeling of giving more than the feeling I get from working.

Sure, it's gratifying to know that we can pay our bills on time, but paying it forward, that's another story entirely.  

I started this Unity Temple because I want to vibrate at my highest, and a part of that is when I am in the frequency of giving.  My heart goes out to so many people that have been taken advantage of by false teachers and pop up "spiritual" shops all across the web, and so now I will be offering many of my healing and counseling services for free to those that become a part of this community.

You have all seen me in action and many of you have had no qualms about paying my services prices over the years, because you know the level of quality and commitment that I work with.  So not only do I wish to pay that love forward to my loyal community, but to help newcomers who are tired of trying to sift through all of the mud and muck, not to mention ridiculous prices charged by under qualified self proclaimed specialists, just to get answers.

All that I ask is that your level of commitment to yourself is stronger than your commitment to me and this Unity Temple, that you take these lessons and offerings siriusly, and that like me, from time to time you give back.

The Seed of Light Unity Temple has a seed sowers membership program for those with a heart to give.  You already know that the Universal Law of Assumption teaches you to expect it and you will manifest it.  So when you act is if you are already doing/being that "thing" you are signaling to your cells and the world around you to create said reality. 


So as you give, expect it back, but from the Universal Consciousness of The Divine One.  Because as my late beloved Grannie used to say, "You can't beat God giving".

Now tell the God Within You, thank you for being true to word and true to life.

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