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We believe in One Source of Life, One Truth, and

that God is expressed in all living things.

We believe in The I AM, The Almighty,
maker of heaven and earth,
of all that is, seen and unseen.

We believe there to be evident truths in the words left by

the many Prophets that came before us.

We believe that there are many books, texts and scrolls that contain the Wisdom of the Ages.

We believe that all things come through

the mind of the Universal Creator.

We believe that through The I AM, all things were made,
for us and for our soul's evolution.


We believe in the Eternal and Omnipresence of

The I AM, and its ability to live, act, speak and

work within and through us.

We worship The I Am through a life of study, service and self elevation.  and look only to others for guidance and confirmation, as we know that our true Source of guidance is The I AM, whose essence is within us.

We believe that Christ Consciousness is our ability to activate our Divine Mind, by living a life aligned with Love and Light, and putting into practice the methods of healing and counseling that were performed by those that came before us.

We believe that all things are energy at the core and that we have the ability to shift matter (the world around us) by living fully in our Divine Purpose.


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